Jean-Michel Jarre

The legendary French composer’s latest work—performed by the Paris Philharmonic—is the soundtrack to an immersive exhibit, also called Amazonia, created by photographer and filmmaker Sebastião Salgado. Along with the conventional stereo release, Jarre has recorded a binaural version that combines with Salgado’s images to create a literally unheard-of experience. The 52-minute work is available at: 


El tango depende de usted

Derrotas Cadenas

After eleven years in the music business, the work of instrumental tango group Derrotas Cadenas has become known for its exploration and innovation. Breaking the mold presents a real challenge in a genre in which many artists seem to cling to tried-and-true melodic formulas. Derrotas Cadenas is not afraid to tackle a challenge, however, as we can see once again in “El tango depende de usted” (The Tango Depends on You). The group’s new album contains a dozen songs in which the composition, melody, and harmony are refreshingly different. It seems the tango still has a lot to say.