Juno a Júpiter


The pandemic delayed many things, including the scheduled premiere of “Juno to Jupiter,” the latest work by Greek electronic musician Vangelis. The launch had been set for 2020, to commemorate the Juno space probe’s journey to our solar system’s King of Planets. Although many of the tracks have already been heard, this album is now out on CD and digital media (vinyl versions expected). This is not the first work that the composer has dedicated to epic human explorations of space; “Juno to Jupiter” is preceded by “Mythodea” (inspired by the Martian exploration) and the soundtrack to the great Carl Sagan’s “Cosmos” series. The extraordinary opera singer Angela Gheorghiu joins Vangelis on this work. www.decca.com



Piano Live 2002

José Luis Madueño

This new work by contemporary Peruvian musician Madueño is a compendium of solo piano pieces that pay tribute to Peruvian music from both the coast (waltz, landó, festejo, zamacueca) and the mountains (huaylas, carnival, yaraví), enriched with elements of classical, jazz, and other Latin American genres. The eleven tracks were recorded during a performance at the British Theater in Lima (hence the name) in 2005. Each track is an example of Madueño’s trademark masterful fusion of sound, which has made it possible for him to update classics from the Peruvian songbook and create an international repertoire. The album is available at www.joseluismaduenomusic.com and on major streaming platforms.