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Babson Connect: Worldwide 2020/ Collaborate, Innovate, Lead


Since 2015, Babson College, a prestigious higher education institution for business and entrepreneurship studies, has organized Babson Connect: Worldwide. This year the event will take place in Panama, where connecting is a national vocation.

We think of business entrepreneurs as people who work on ideas in solitude, but what if these innovators could share their ideas with others who could help them turn their ideas into reality? That is the goal of Babson Connect: Worldwide, an event sponsored by Babson College that will take place this year in Panama City, a city whose role has always been to build bridges.

Babson believes the entrepreneurial mindset —the thinking, acting, innovating, and problem solving that define the entrepreneurship experience— can be a powerful force in all institutions. The university, which recently celebrated its centennial on its main campus in Wellesley, Massachusetts, has been recognized as the n.o 1 school for entrepreneurship education in the United States for 26 consecutive years, according to U.S. News & World Report.

Babson’s 42,000 students and alumni come from 120 countries and Latin America is no exception. The celebration of Babson Connect: Worldwide in Panama City from March 19-21 is evidence of the institution’s commitment to Latin American countries. In addition to  networking opportunities, the event will feature keynote speakers including Juan José Borja (Grupo Borja), Pedro Heilbron (Copa Airlines), Ramón Mendiola (FIFCO), Dan Isenberg (Babson College), Roberto Roy (Panama Canal Authority), and Óscar Sevilla (Mercon Coffee), among others.