UncategorizedLAS DUELISTAS: Women, Foils, and Pistols

LAS DUELISTAS: Women, Foils, and Pistols


Mamen Gil, Ediciones Casiopea

Historically, duels have been exclusively associated with men, but this perception is not entirely accurate, as shown by Seville-born journalist Mamen Gil in this look at female showdowns. For example, the Countess of Polignac dueled with the Marchioness of Nesle over the love of the Duke of Richelieu, and courtesans Paz Villavicencio and Lolita (aka “de las Canas”) clashed over the privilege of being known as the queen of the Madrid night. “Las Duelistas” fractures the Madonna-whore dichotomy imposed on women, revealing their capacity and right to experience the noblest feelings alongside the darkest passions.