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Baltimore in two days

Baltimore in two days

In Baltimore, history rubs elbows with cutting-edge modernity, high culture shares space with street art, and every neighborhood seems to write its own story. This city, the home of Edgar Allan Poe and Billie Holiday, invites you to explore its wealth of culture, cuisine, and art. Discover why Baltimore is a destination in its own right, a place well worth exploring and experiencing. Ready for an unforgettable weekend?

By Alexa Carolina Chacón

Photos: Paul Castillero

First Day

08:00 a.m. – Breakfast at Café Los Sueños

Start your day with a specialty coffee at Café Los Sueños. Each sip is a journey to Uganda or El Salvador, captured in a cup. People in Baltimore prefer neighborhood cafés to chain restaurants, and residents passionately support local businesses, so it’s no surprise that this little retreat fills up every day. This café was founded by Salvadoran immigrant Carlos Payes, who stands behind the bar fulfilling his American dream. We suggest ordering a delicious pour-over coffee.

11:00 a.m. – Visit to the Baltimore Museum of Art

This wouldn’t be Panorama if we didn’t recommend a museum. The Baltimore Museum of Art was an unexpected delight, offering a magnetic profusion of international art. Works from the greatest painters—Picasso, Monet, Matisse—are all here in one place. The collections are as diverse as the city itself. Here’s your chance to admire Rodin’s The Thinker without having to travel all the way to the French capital. You can also enjoy a bit of fresh air in the museum’s marvelous garden, which is embellished by a sculpture by Calder.

Baltimore en dos días
Museo de arte Baltimore

12:00 p.m. – Lunch at the Lexington Market

After walking so much, it’s not surprising that we’re hungry. We recommend the bustling Lexington Market, a food paradise that has been the beating heart of the community since 1782. It is a market that has survived wars and drastic changes in the city, but continues to be the focal point of authentic Baltimore cuisine. Take a seat and savor a taste of local life, from succulent fried chicken to classic fish cakes, all cooked with love and served with a side of history. 05:00 P.M.

05:00 p.m. – Visit to the National Aquarium

View creatures of the deep at the Na- tional Aquarium, which offers one of the country’s most riveting encounters with the sea. This is more than an exhibit; it’s an underwater spectacle in which you can experience the grandeur of the biodiversity our planet has to offer. This is a perfect place for kids to learn about the world’s flora and fauna and observe animals they won’t see anywhere else.

07:00 p.m. – Dinner at Ash Bar, in the Hotel Ulysses

Ash Bar is a culinary experience that is pure poetry and theater. The venue’s drama is evident in every detail, from the napkins to the lighting. Dishes at Ash Bar are deftly curated and echo the venue’s aesthetic. This is a restaurant serving signature cuisine. The decor of the hotel and its restaurant reflect the authentic rebellious spirit of Baltimore. This feel-good food takes you on a voyage of the senses.

Lexington Market
Aquarium de Baltimore
Cena en Ash Bar

09:00 p.m. – Drinks at Bloom’s (Hotel Ulysses)

Still in the Hotel Ulysses, across from Ash Bar, stands a bar that is unique in its class. In the best decadent style of filmmaker John Waters, Bloom’s is resplendent with the mirrored walls and purple velvet couches of a night- club from an earlier era. The venue is a character in itself. Now, how about a French Martini or an Old Fashioned?

Tragos en Bloom's, en el Hotel Ulysses

Second Day

08:00 a.m – Breakfast at Rec Pier Chop in the Sagamore Pendry Hotel

Sorry to wake you so early, but Baltimore awaits. Rec Pier Chop offers more than just a good breakfast; it is a culi- nary adventure in luxurious surround- ings with high ceilings, wood finishes, and a wonderful view of the bay that will make you feel special. Breakfast here aims to be a meal that will energize you for the day. Don’t miss the eggs benedict accompanied by—of course—crab, Maryland’s favorite.

11:00 p.m – Tour of Fort McHenry

History comes alive at Fort McHenry, the birthplace of the U.S. national an- them. A tour with an enthusiastic park ranger will make you feel part of those key events in the country’s history. The tour begins with a video that highlights the most important parts of the Battle of Baltimore, which took place in 1814 to defend U.S. sovereignty and reaffirm the country’s independence. The video is followed by a walking tour through the still-intact fort. The fort is a time capsule of history and perspective, standing on the shore of an ocean that has witnessed many battles.

01:00 p.m. – Crab Fest Lunch at Phillips Seafood

Welcome all seafood lovers! The crab fest at Phillips Seafood is more than a meal—it’s a tradition. Prepare to slip on gloves and crack crabs with a wooden mallet in a rustic culinary experience that is as delightful as it is unmissable. This is also the perfect place to try crab cakes and the famous Orange Crush, Maryland’s bestknown cocktail, made with orange juice, triple sec, vodka, and a clear soda like Sprite. More classic culinary delights of Baltimore.

03:00 p.m. – Visit Oriole Park

You don’t like baseball? Then take the visit to Oriole Park as a chance to explore a unique tourist attraction. You’ll surely catch this city’s passion for sports if you watch a game here. This park is a temple to sports, but with history. Its unique design incorporates the old Camden Yards train station, an architectural marvel unlike anything else in the United States.

07:00 p.m. – Dinner at the Topside Rooftop

One of the city’s most beautiful areas is the Mt. Vernon neighborhood, which boasts an obelisk that honors Washington, and cherry trees that explode in pink in the spring. The best place to enjoy the view is from the rooftop Topside restaurant at the Hotel Revival, one of the few rooftop eateries in the city. It’s a wonderful spot to catch the sunset. They are proud of their modern, cutting-edge cuisine that makes this restaurant a must, whether it’s for a cocktail or a taste of its perfect rib eye.

Crab fest en Philliphs Seafood
Estadio de los Orioles
Hotel Revival

09:00 p.m. – Drinks at the Cat’s Eye Pub in Fells Point

In this engaging city the people have so much charisma that visitors are eager to step out on the town. It’s inviting. Bid farewell with a toast at the Cat’s Eye Pub. Its relaxed atmosphere and live music make this the perfect place to mingle with the locals and immerse yourself in Baltimore nightlife. Don’t leave without trying at least one of its whiskies, and round out the night by bar hopping along Thames Street.

Cat's Eye Pub en Fells Point

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