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Codirection: Alex Meridy

Pixar Studios for Disney

The most recent animated film from Disney and Pixar will be released directly to the Disney+ channel due to the pandemic. Joe Gardner, a music teacher who dreams of becoming a professional jazz musician, suffers a fatal accident that sends him to the afterlife. The adventure begins when Joe tries to resume his human life to fulfill his dreams.


Pioneras (Pioneers) documentary

Movistar / Dlo / Magnolia

This series, hosted by journalist Nieves Concostrina, explores the lives and achievements of women who helped build our civilization, but were rendered invisible by the inequality of the times in which they lived. Sculptor Luisa Ignacia Roldán, Dr. Dolors Aleu, and war correspondent Carmen de Burgos are a few of the women whose lives are reconstructed through dramatizations, interviews, and archival images.