Futuristic Eco-Ebike

It’s still in the concept stage, but Russian designer Roman Dolzhenko’s MIMIC eBike is already making waves with its bold, futuristic design that exudes strength. The absence of straight lines combine with dual lights and a matte finish to make it look other-worldly. You can find Roman Dolzhenko on social media platforms.

Sanitizing Tray

Painstakingly disinfecting personal items, especially small ones, has become a tiresome routine for everyone these days. Einova’s Mundus Pro sanitizing tray takes care of the task quickly, and most importantly, effectively. Place your cell phone, watch, pen, jewelry, etc. inside the tray, close it, and switch it on for four minutes: a series of UV lights (C, C+TIO2, CLED) destroys 99.99999% of the microorganisms that might be present. As if that were not enough, the Mundus Pro includes a wireless charger for cell phones. 


Mirror, Mirror…

Unlike the mirror in the time-honored fairy tale, the Zmirror does more than tell you who is the most beautiful of all. It analyzes the condition of your skin and that’s just the beginning. The built-in Alexa system provides everything from the weather and news to make-up tutorials. Harman Kardon surround sound gives you the best audio, and you can access your favorite playlists from your cell phone. To top it all off, light modes run from bright to relaxing, so you can also use Zmirror as a night light.


Quick and Easy Photos

How many times have you missed the perfect shot because the moment passes while you’re still wrestling with your bulky camera case? It’s a common problem, but you need the case to protect your equipment. Or do you? With the Spider X Backpacker Kit, you’ll always be ready for that perfect shot. It easily attaches to your belt or bag strap, safely securing your camera while providing access in seconds.