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Creative Economy: Video Game Growth

The creative economy is one of the most thriving global economic sectors. And within this sector, video games have shown the most growth, both in Latin America and throughout the world, a fact confirmed by a study by the Inter-American Development Bank titled, “Video Games Are No Game.” The region is home to nearly 234 million gamers, who spent a total of nearly $5 billion on video games and related products in 2018. The study highlights about fifty regional projects that use video games in educational, health. and technological initiatives.


Golden Future for Uruguayan Olives

The Southern Cone continues to replicate traditional Mediterranean crops. In addition to the region’s winemaking, the relatively new olive oil industry has taken off, especially in Uruguay. Some 250 companies employ 5,000 workers to cultivate about thirty varieties of olives, including the outstanding Arbequina variety. Uruguayan olive oil has already won awards at exhibitions in New York and Tokyo, and national firms such as Colinas de Garzón are now among the top twenty-five producers in the world.