Ski Goggles

RideOn AR goggles are this season’s must-have gift for winter sports fans. Equipped with an HD camera for taking photos and recording videos, the goggles can also track your performance stats. They connect to your cell phone, blocking calls or texts if they detect that you are skiing. The device also features an augmented reality mode for interacting with other skiers.


Portable Coffee Maker

Any coffee aficionado who receives this coffee maker as a gift will fall irrevocably in love. Why? Because the MobiBrewer 2.0 is the best way to enjoy the perfect cup of coffee, anytime, anywhere. It is completely automatic: put ground coffee in the capsule, add hot water, plug it in, and get ready to enjoy freshly-brewed coffee. It comes with a cup holder for your car, a battery charger, and a USB connector that plugs into the wall or your car’s USB port.


On-the-Go Hand Sanitizer

You can mount the portable Dropi hand sanitizer dispenser wherever you need it. The days of juggling bottles of antibacterial gel in the car are over. Stick Dropi on the dashboard and the laser detector senses when your hand is in position and dispenses the perfect amount of sanitizer. You can put it on the wall, on your desk, or anywhere else. The refillable bottle can be used with your favorite gel sanitizer.


Retro Keyboard

The Fineday keyboard brings you as close as possible to the experience of using an old-fashioned typewriter. The roller knobs and levers (albeit with updated functions) give Fineday the look of a mechanical keyboard, but it also offers 3-way multi-pairing that lets you connect your computer, tablet, and cell phone; it comes with Bluetooth and USB connectors, and an adjustable stand for maximum comfort. The most fun part? The keys reproduce that old clickety-clack sound.